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Custom Rubber Molding of Neoprene Ear Cushion for the Medical Industry

Neoprene Ear CushionConsidered to be the best in the industry, these custom molded MX41-AR ear cushions are manufactured using a hand-drawn design developed by Pierce-Roberts Rubber Company over 40 years ago. Beginning with this drawing and a customer-supplied 2D CAD drawing, and following strict OSHA standards, we first design and manufacture the appropriate mold. Next, we compression mold the ear cushions, and then bond the neoprene sponge to solid neoprene rubber, using water-based rubber glue. Available in black, blue, red, our ear cushions are tested by independent labs and visually inspected 100 percent at every stage of manufacturing.

Measuring 2 inches to ¾ of an inch in outside diameter, ¾ of an inch in inside diameter, and ¾ of an inch in thickness, each ear cushion weighs .11 of a pound. With a 1 to 2 week turnaround time, we ship orders to medical industry clients worldwide. To learn more, please contact Pierce-Roberts.

Specifications for a Custom Molded Neoprene Ear Cushion

Product Description   These custom molded MX41-AR Ear Cushions are considered to be the best ear cushions in the industry
Capabilities Applied/Processes   Product was designed by Engineers at Pierce-Roberts
  • Hand drawn over 40 years ago
  • Tested by independent labs
Mold Design
Mold Manufacturing
Compression molded
  • Bonding Neoprene Sponge to Solid Neoprene Rubber
Equipment Used to Manufacture Part   Compression Press
Overall Part Dimensions   2-3/4" OD, ¾" ID, ¾" Thick
Tightest Tolerances   Not a real tight tolerance. Glue bond needs to hold very well and aesthetically needs to look great.
Material Used   Neoprene Sponge
Neoprene Rubber
Water based rubber glue
Colors   Black
In process testing performed   100 % Visual inspection at every stage of manufacturing
Estimated Part Weight   .11 lbs
Industry for Use   Medical
Delivery Locations   Global
Turn Around Time   1-2 Weeks
Standards Met   Customer supplied print, 2D CAD Drawing
Product Name   Custom Molded MX41-AR Ear Cushion

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